Ulysses S. Feral
Nationality: Megakat City
Age: Unknown
Eye Color: Black or dark brown
Hair Color: Grayish brown
First Appearance: The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice
Affiliations: Enforcers
Occupation(s): Commander
Vehical: None
Weapon: None
Alias: Sir
Voice Actor: Gary Owens

Ulysses S. Feral is a major supporting character in SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron. Voiced by Gary Owens, he is the gruff, no-nonsense leader of the Enforcers, a paramilitary police organization which serves to protect Megakat City against various threats. He holds a great deal of dislike towards the SWAT Kats, whom he personally considers to be little more than "lawless vigilantes," and is often quick to label them a menace.


Ulysses is a figure of noticeably high stature and a stocky, yet muscular build, with grayish brown fur, dark brown or black eyes with yellow scalera, black hair styled in a flat top, and whiskers on the sides of his face. He typically wears a standard issue uniform which consists of a light gray greatcoat trimmed gold with blue cuffs, a blue collar, and three buttons, alongside a white dress shirt, black tie, light brown pants and knee-length black boots. His greatcoat also sports shoulder marks bearing his rank insignia.


Ulysses S. Feral is, at heart, a highly strict, no-nonsense individual with an uncompromising outlook towards criminal activity. As a senior commander, Feral has a strong adherence towards order and protocol, and has little time for those whom he deems hotshots or vigilantes, particularly the SWAT Kats. He utterly despises the SWAT Kats, labeling them as lawless vigilantes prone to causing more harm than good, and has advocated for their arrest on numerous occasions. This attitude of his has frequently put him at odds with Deputy Mayor Briggs, who has made her support of the SWAT Kats no secret. While his disdain for the SWAT Kats can easily be attributed to their status as vigilantes, its quite possible that he feels jealous of them and the attention they receive for their heroic efforts, oftentimes making him and the others Enforcers look incompetent with their involvement in their operations. Feral is both stubborn and ill-tempered, and expects nothing less than total respect from his subordinates. He can often be narrow-minded, and dislikes anyone who dares question his authority.