A ragtag duo of vigilante heros that protect Megakat City.                                     Image

The two were formed when Feral's incompefence caused massive damage to Enforcers HQ. Because of Feral's poor job to capture villains and villains like Dark Kat and Dr. Viper, the Swat Kats protect the city unlike the Enforcers. The Swat Kats do things their way and don’t let anyone interfere with their decisions.


Chance Furlong is T-Bone, the muscle and brawn that makes up the Swat Kats. He is also one of the best pilot and the most daring of the duo. He loves flying the Turbokat that he affectionately calls his baby. He's kind and fun loving. His favorite TV show is Scaredy Cat.

Jake Clawson is Razor, the brains and tech expert of the Swat Cats. Jake is the one who built the Turbokat from spare parts found in the military junkyard. He also built all their weapons and the intense fire power the Turbokat possesses. He's the one who talked Chance into building their own jet so they could take down Dark Kat after Feral abandoned them to the junkyard to pay off their debt. Like Chance, he is kind and friendly. He's also a martial artist. His favorite TV show is David Litterbin(a pun on David Letterman).


Deputy Mayor Calico "Callie" Briggs is the Swat Cats' biggest supporter. She's the one that is really running the city whereas she writes all of the Mayor's speeches and does all his paperwork while he plays golf. Whenever there's trouble in Megakat City, she contacts the Swat Kats using a mini communicator they gave her. She believes and trusts them completely.

For example, once when Hardware took over the Turbokat and tried to turn the city against them, Callie told the Swat Cats to take her prisoner and make it look like to Commander Feral that they were kidnapping her. With her help, they were able to recover money stolen by Hardware and clear their name. Chance or T-Bone, has a huge crush on her but she likes Jake to Chance's dismay.