Colonel Grant Feral-(Born 1928) a State Police Commander of Megakat State Police from SWAT Kats Season Three Throught Six.He is (voiced by the recently-deceased Gary Owens in the original English verison and by Michio Hazama in the Japanese dub)-Ulysses Feral's Hot Tempered Estranged Identical Lookalike Twin Brother & Felina,Felicia,Coy and Jeff's Father he helping SWAT Kats.He was angier at Ulysses Feral about his father's died.He and his stepfather US Air Force General Henry Baker a Estranged Stepfather of Ulysses Feral he was former US Army Soldier with Max Bernsdorf,Desmond Furlong,Amos Steele,Angelo Kittle,Ace King and Ansel Bernsdorf after they Honorable Discharge In May 1958.for excepted Ulysses Feral,Brock "Snake" Green,Carson Jason "C.J."Blessing & Glen Raymond are Dishonorable Discharged for violent power hungry & Authority and Self Defense from US Army in June 1951 and Only Melvin Baker is hard working for Army for very long time.He was very stubborn to his own twin brother about arrogant.He Appeared in Season three through six.He is Commander Feral's Version and look like

Personality Edit

opinionated, strict,stern,stubborn,over-stressed,hard working,gruff,hot-tempered,dismissive,remorseful,rough,tough,stubborn and serious (to Ulysses Feral)

caring,fatherly,honest,brave & happy (to Felina Feral,Felicia Feral,Jeff Feral,Coy Feral,Samantha Kittle,Samuel "Sam" Kittle and all of them)

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