Megakat City Sheriff Office are the local law enforcemnt/military of Megakat City that reside in Megakat City Courthouse in Season Three through Six. Led by Sheriff Angelo Kittle-Felina's Lookalike Color Fur Uncle,The Sheriff and his Deputies protect the city from the various villains of MegaKat such as Dark Kat.they helping the Swat Kats. They are featured in just about The Return of SWAT Kats and season three through five.

Armaments Edit

The Sheriff and his Deputies  employ various weapons to combat the threats of Megakat City, ranging from pistols to missile launchers, tanks to choppers down to experimental weapons, though those tend to be stolen before being used.

Weapons Edit

The Sheriff and his Deputies  are standard equipped with assault rifles and pistols (usually holster).

Vehicles Edit

The Sheriff and his Deputies utilize many different squad vehicles as transportation.

Leader Member Edit

Sheriff Angelo Kittle-Felina's Lookalike Color Fur Uncle

Rank structure Edit

Sheriff Captain Lieutenant Deputy Sergeant Deputy Sheriff

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