Maximilian "Max" Bernsdorf-Kiki's Protective Father is a Sheriff of Kittyton City Sheriff Forcer. a former US Army Soldier.

He Very Extreme Hates Ulysses Feral's Power Hungry,Arrogant & Threat againest The SWAT Kats

He Very Hates Feral Service on Enforcer

He is color fur lookalike Goon from High Goon in Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats

He has German accent like Arnold Schwarzenegger

He wear Hitler's Toothbrush Mustache

He Voiced by Burt Reynolds

Dislikes Edit

Ulysses Feral's Arrogance,Very Stubbornly and Tough Attitude

Persona Edit

Authoritative,Tough.Very Strict,Wise,Bossy,Slightly Arrogant,Caring,Stubborn,Focused,Intelligent,Fearless,Serious,Hot Tempered,Grumpy,Bad Tempered and Crabby (to Ulysses Feral)

Honest,Wise,Caring,Tough,Brave,Protective,Loving and Friendly (to his men and Them)

Angrily Rival until Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season 1 Episode 13 turn friends Edit

Enforcer Supt.Ace King

Best Friends Edit

Megakat State Police Colonel Grant Feral Sheriff Amos Steele Sheriff Angelo Kittle Sheriff Desmond Furlong Air Force Colonel Benjamin "Ben" Clawson Army Colonel Melvin Baker


(to Ulysses Feral) I Thought I Told you to stay out my police business in my capital city for once!

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