Maximilian "Max" Bernsdorf-Kiki's Protective Father is a Sheriff of Kittyton City Sheriff Forcer. a former US Army Soldier.

He Very Extreme Hates Ulysses Feral's Power Hungry,Arrogant & Threat againest The SWAT Kats

He Very Hates Feral Service on Enforcer

He is color fur lookalike Goon from High Goon in Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats

He has German accent like Arnold Schwarzenegger

He wear Hitler's Toothbrush Mustache

He Voiced by Burt Reynolds

Dislikes Edit

Ulysses Feral's Arrogance,Very Stubbornly and Tough Attitude

Persona Edit

Authoritative,Tough.Very Strict,Wise,Bossy,Slightly Arrogant,Caring,Stubborn,Focused,Intelligent,Fearless,Serious,Hot Tempered,Grumpy,Bad Tempered and Crabby (to Ulysses Feral)

Honest,Wise,Caring,Tough,Brave,Protective,Loving and Friendly (to his men and Them)

Angrily Rival until Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season 1 Episode 13 turn friends Edit

Enforcer Supt.Ace King

Best Friends Edit

Megakat State Police Colonel Grant Feral,Sheriff Amos Steele,Sheriff Angelo Kittle,Sheriff Desmond Furlong,Sheriff Benjamin "Ben" Clawson and Army Colonel Melvin Baker


(to Ulysses Feral) I Thought I Told you to stay out my police business in my capital city for once!

The End of SWAT Kats Quote: Edit

  • Commander Ulysses Feral:Bernsdork!,I want a word with you.Im Talking To You.Talk! I Know you can.i'm complete charge to protect and save the Megakat City from those scums and SWAT Kats either.I will not tolerate of this city and I don't care how many times those swat kats save the city I'll sued them after all.I Protect this city,Bernsdork.But you Won't!
  • Sheriff Maximilian "Max" Bernsdorf: Oh Ja!, that threats!,Feral,I Always hates your threats! und so the enforcer board is going to hear about your behavior I Forbid you to come to my Police Business.Do you know my grandfather owns that hedge after you wrecked in my city someday any at all. I want you stay away from my daugther und my deputies und I Thought I Told you to stay out my police business in my capital city for once!. I Helping those SWAT Kats.That Governor Cline Contact between the enforcer also known as Megakat City Police,Kittyton Capitol City Sheriff Forcer,Megaburgh City Sheriff Forcer und Megalith City Sheriff Forcer is strictly forbidden for long time ago. I extreme hate enforcer feral. I'll see you at Governor Cline's office this instead! I'll be watching you.
  • Commander Ulysses Feral:Good.Every civilians who has a problem a citizen wants to call my boss at enforcer board for That,Bernsdork!
  • Sheriff Maximilian "Max" Bernsdorf: Well Then, what was going through your mind? I think the enforcer commander is still on parole.that abandoned you from Feral Family.your stepfather throw you out from Feral's Home in Megaburgh for long time ago. this time.your just like your father during the prison.
  • Commander Ulysses Feral: How dare you Come to right Place,Bernsdork for--

(Max grabs Ulysses Feral's ears, slamming him against the wall, then stops)

  • Sheriff Maximilian "Max" Bernsdorf: Now you hear this,dummkopf. I'm gonna check that hospital at kittyton Captiol City! every single day! that boy has never been punish in there again with a mark on this. I will destroy your authority und your apart either! My job won't mean dummkopf to me, my stripes won't mean dummkopf to me, the enforcer und my department won't be seeing each other as long shall live! I will destroy you in a heartbeat! Do you expect to believe that? DO YOU?!
  • Commander Ulysses Feral:(nervous) Yes, Max.
  • Sheriff Maximilian "Max" Bernsdorf: Well,You will get some counseling.Then I warning you,Feral. If you ever that anger of yours to threat about behind bars. I'll turn you into FAT FOR GOOD!!! Now stay out of my way and my friends your own twin brother.You hear! stay away!!