Ages ago, Madkat was an insane and powerful court jester who was replaced. He sought revenge on the jester
who replaced him and the knight, queen and king who imprisoned him in a jack-in-a-box in Season 1 Episode 12.

Centuries later, once brilliant comedian turned asylum patient Lenny Ringtail escapes and fuses with the jester's spirit after finding the jack-in-a-box and gains the ability to warp reality at a whim, this makes him virtually unstoppable and his only weakness is the small balls at the end of his fools cap. Together they take revenge upon those who symbolized the ones' who imprisoned Madkat. He captured David Litterbin {Jester}, Mayor Manx {King}, Callie Briggs {Queen}, and Commander Feral {Knight} (This supports the possibility that Queen Callista may be an ancestor of Callie, and Tabor the Knight may be an ancestor of Commander Feral). After T-Bone destroys Madkat by hitting his weak spot, Ringtail's sanity and career were restored after he is knocked out by Commander Feral and Razor. Lenny was guest-starred on the David Litterbin show to promote his bestselling book Madkat and Me. He appeared only in "Enter the Madkat".

He appeared only in Season 3-6 turned from evil to good..

Professor Hackle Created Jester's Spirit Magical Transformation Wand called:Madkat Power Wands. only transformed into the madkat like a Madkat's Stick used by Lenny Ringtail and Jonathan Steele is a Super Jester in Appeared in TV Movie Season 3 Episode 1 & 2 "The Return of SWAT Kats"

This character is loosely based on television comedian Jay Leno and comedian Lenny Bruce, as a rival to David Litterbin (Letterman), and even has a catchphrase ("Here's Ringtail") spoken just like "Jay Leno" on The Tonight Show. He was voiced by late Roddy McDowall in Season 1 Episode 12 the original English version & Season 3-6 Dom Deluise the original English version and by Mizuho Suzuki in the Japanese dub.

Powers/Abilities in Season 1 Episode 12 Evil OnlyEdit

While Ringtail was possessed by MadKat, he gained the ability to warp reality and do virtually anything he wanted. The abilities he demonstrated were:

  • Immortality - presumably
  • Invulnerability - had absolute invulnerability to everything, his only weakness being the bells on his fools cap.
  • Shapeshifting - he could change into anything he could imagine, including working vehicles and weapons, although he was limited to his orange and yellow motif. He could also transform into multiple somethings and reform into a single version of himself
  • Size changing - he could alter his size to become very small or very large (his largest transformation was into a full sized skyscraper)
  • Conjuring - he conjured bladed playing cards, spiked dice, and all manner of lethal gag toys
  • Teleportation - could disappear and reappear at will in a puff of yellow smoke
  • Elasticity - he could stretch his body or parts to great lengths

Powers/Abilities in Season 3-6 Hero OnlyEdit

While Ringtail,Shard and Steele transform into Madkats by Madkat Power Wands and the end turn back to normal form in Season 3-6

  • Teleportation - they could disappear and reappear at will in a puff of yellow smoke
  • Inflation- they into turn a musculars

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