Felina "Siren" Feral (Born 1947) is Ulysses Feral's niece who at some point in the future, helping with Jonathan Steel Jonathan Steel until Madkats and the SWAT Kats: Jonathan Steel returns.

Much to the dismay of her uncle, Felina Feral followed Ulysses' footsteps to become an Enforcer in Megakat City. Rising to the rank of Lieutenant she soon proved her worth, diving into whatever situation that may arise with guns blazing. More the type to shoot first and ask questions later Felina's sense of survival and preservation has somewhat been diminished as she embraces action and adventure. Often stated as the best officer on the force Felina does not disappoint. Expert pilot and marksman to the fullest Felina more often than not gets the job done, even though it may not be by a method approved of by Commander Feral. Her only drawbacks are in fact those characteristics that make her unique. Her headstrong attitude has more than once gotten her into trouble, and her overconfidence in certain situations has nearly led to her downfall. Nevertheless, Felina gets back on her feet and back into the action regardless of whatever odds are stacked against her. Unlike her uncle, she trusts and respects the SWAT Kats.

In the ending of Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season Episode 13, after her uncle goes back to prison Kiki Bernsdorf shows up with her father's men, talking authorties up when things go wrong, and how she has for anything that happens. Felina challenges Kiki to do it, and she walks away. Kiki promises to have Felina's badge for what Felina has done for her own uncle goes back to prison; a burned out Felina throws down her shield in disgust and quits the enforcers, despite Supt. King's pleas to reconsider and Supt. King send Felina to State Police HQ with her father's force.

Family Edit

Her Father Megakat State Police Colonel Grant Feral is Commander Feral's Lookalike Twin Brother who working State Police in her former home: the captial called: Kittyton.she had twin sister: Felicia a Commander Feral's color fur, Eyes and Hair.even she had a Identical cousin Samantha Kittle is her mother's twin brother's daughter. She is daughter of Megakat State Police Colonel Grant Feral & Angelique Kittle-Feral and sister of Jeff & Coy Feral.

Join The SWAT Kats Edit

She joined the SWAT Kats and she become a SWAT Kat called "Siren" in the Syndication TV Movie:The Return of SWAT Kats.

She Get Married and Adopted Kitten from Abusive Mother in Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season 1 Episode:6Edit

She married to Fabian "Tiger" Fable a Widow 28 year old Cat lookalike Fur Tiger The Surfer Cat from Mungo Blanket Beach In Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats after his first wife named is Thelma's died in 6 years ago he has a 9 year old Daughter named is Helga Fable and his Younger Brother 6 year old named is Parker in Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season 1 Episode 6:Wedding Blue and Big Family.

She and Fabian adopted 9 year old orange Kitten name is Opie Jamison after Opie's Abuisve Mother named is Lois Jamison goes to Prison for next 20 years.

Spouse Edit

Fabian "Tiger" Fable (Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season 1 Episode 6-2)

Occupation Edit

Lieutenant of Enforcer (SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron Season 2-Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season 1 Episode 13)

Lieutenant of Megakat State Police (Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season 2)


  • She is voiced by Lori Alan in SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron Season 2 & Nicole Sullivan in Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season 1-2 in the original English version and by Ikue Ōtani in the Japanese dub.
  • She is voiced like Shego from Kim Possible & Mira Nova from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command in Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season 1-2
  • Felina would've had a starring role in Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season the third episode "Succubus!" (also known as "The Curse of Kataluna") created by Trembly Brothers and Warner Bros.Animation. a Madkats and the SWAT Kats episode that was completed.

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