Catnip, not even once.

Fango was a catnip smuggler who worked for Katscratch, and presumably Mac and Molly Mange.  He and Katscratch were right in the middle of a catnip deal when their former bosses returned, killing Katscratch for his betrayal.  The other members of the gang tried to join up, but were rejected, since Mac and Molly make up their own gang.  Mac threw an exploding cigar over his shoulder as he left, which blew up and left the criminals trapped in the burning wreckage of the factory.  However, they were rescued by the Swat Kats, who used a foam missile to put out the fire.  Fango, who had his crowbar inexplicably around his neck, told the Enforcers of Mac and Molly's return and of their plan to kill Mayor Manx.

Fango was voiced by Charlie Adler.

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