Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen (Born:1928) is a character from the SWAT Kats Season 3. She is Estranged Ex Wife of Ulysses Feral,Ex Aunt of Felicia,Felina,Jeff & Coy and Second Wife of Megalith City Sheriff Ansel Jenson,Mother of Katherine "Katie" Feral and Tish Feral and Stepmother of Karen Jensen the Sheriff Jensen's Daughter.She almost hates Ulysses Feral's Power Hungry and Authority.Her Parent's Divorce she was 7 years old who living her father and the stepmother after her father's second marriage.She Helping the SWAT Kats.She slapping at Ulysses Feral about SWAT Kats are reckless vigilantes their just super heroes.She was thinking of Commander Feral's Probation.She married to Sheriff of Megalith City.she witness to her own ex husbend with tape record.She appear in syndication TV Movie The Return of SWAT Kats,S3 EP4:Flashback and S3 EP12 &13:The Trial of Ulysses Feral through season Six. She voiced by Loretta Swit

Spouse(s) Edit

Ulysses S. Feral (1946-1951)

Ansel "Digger" Jensen (1952-Present)

Season Three Episode Four "Flashback" :Quote Edit

Chance Furlong/T-Bone:Tell Me What Happened to Feral,Ma,am.

Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen:I Just about beginning about my first marrige is terrible.its just about begin seen what happened.

(Beginning Flashback)

Young Aurora:You and your friends are been dishonorable discharged from the US Army Camp for Violated of Authority and Abusive. Were're going out for good!

Young Feral:Aurora, will you give it up! Stop It! I'm still have authority to do!

Young Aurora:Not Without Divorce you won't?

Young Feral:is That a Facts. Are you telling the truth? What's your problem?

Young Aurora:Yes! Its Truth. Something's going on!

Young Feral:Stop It already. Enough! Stop It I Said!

Young Aurora:(Angrily) Never! Im Telling You! I Look at your own faces and I Know That You Lie to Them!! (Throws the lamp in Anger) Liar!!!! Get Out!

Young Feral:Shut Up! Im Out of here for Now!

Young Aurora:Well, your out!! Then Get your own Life!!!

Young Feral:You're stronged in your head. lt's in your mind.

You're a lousy furball! 

Young Feral:I got a problem.Im Leaving & Farewell!

Young Aurora:Well, Go Ahead.Then Go to your ready-made worst. That's all you're good for! Now Get your own life! l love Ansel Jensen for that! That a Promised! (to Young Ansel Jensen) Oh Ansie. I Love You

Young Ansel: Love You Too,Aurora! (Begin to Kiss)

(Flashback Ends)

Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen:Thats Why I Got Married to other Sheriff of Sheriff Forcer in Megalith City.

Chance Furlong/T-Bone:Wow. Thats Explain a lot!

Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen:Yeah When it's cut fighting like that, you really get a sense of the scope.

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