Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen (Born:1928) is a character from the Madkats and the SWAT Kats. She is Estranged Ex Wife of Ulysses Feral,Ex Aunt of Felicia,Felina,Jeff & Coy and Second Wife of Megalith City Sheriff Ansel Jenson,Mother of Katherine "Katie" Feral and Tish Feral and Stepmother of Karen Jensen the Sheriff Jensen's Daughter.She almost hates Ulysses Feral's Power Hungry and Authority.Her Parent's Divorce she was 7 years old who living her father and the stepmother after her father's second marriage.She Helping the SWAT Kats.She slapping at Ulysses Feral about SWAT Kats are reckless vigilantes their just super heroes.She was thinking of Commander Feral's Probation.She married to Sheriff of Megalith City.she witness to her own ex husbend with tape record.She appear in syndication TV Movie The Return of SWAT Kats,Madkats and the SWAT Kats S1 EP4:Flashback and S1 EP12 &13:The Trial of Ulysses Feral through Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season 2 She voiced by Mary Jo Catlett

Spouse(s) Edit

Ulysses S. Feral (1946-1951)

Ansel "Digger" Jensen (1952-Present)


Feisty,intelligent,smart,sometimes short-tempered,humble,maternal,strong-willed,protective,kind,selfless, resourceful, motherly, loving, no-nonsense & supportive

Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season One Episode Four "Flashback" :Quote Edit

Chance Furlong/T-Bone:Tell Me What Happened to Feral,Ma,am.

Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen:I Just about beginning about my first marrige is terrible.its just about begin seen what happened.

(Beginning Flashback)

Young Aurora:You and your friends are been dishonorable discharged from the US Army Camp for Violated of Authority and Abusive. Were're going out for good!

Young Feral:Aurora, will you give it up! Stop It! I'm still have authority to do!

Young Aurora:Not Without Divorce you won't?

Young Feral:is That a Facts. Are you telling the truth? What's your problem?

Young Aurora:Yes! Its Truth. Something's going on!

Young Feral:Stop It already. Enough! Stop It I Said!

Young Aurora:(Angrily) Never! Im Telling You! I Look at your own faces and I Know That You Lie to Them!! Young Ulysses Throws the lamp in Anger) Liar!!!! Get Out!

Young Feral:Shut Up! Im Out of here for Now!

Young Aurora:Well, your out!! Then Get your own Life!!!

Young Feral:You're stronged in your head. lt's in your mind.

You're a lousy furball! 

Young Feral:I got a problem.Im Leaving & Farewell! (storms out and door slams)

Young Aurora:Well, Go Ahead.Then Go to your ready-made worst. That's all you're good for! Now Get your own life and never return! and l love Ansel Jensen for that! That a Promised,Ulysses Simpson Feral!

Young Ansel Jensen:(enters the door) Hi,Aurora. do you love me

Young Aurora:Oh Ansie. I Love You.

Young Ansel: Love You Too,Aurora! (Begin to Kiss)

(Flashback Ends)

Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen:Thats Why I Got Married to other Sheriff of Sheriff Forcer in Megalith City.

Chance Furlong/T-Bone:Wow. Thats Explain a lot!

Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen:Yeah When it's cut fighting like that, you really get a sense of the scope.

Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season One Episode Three:Quote Edit

Commander Ulysses Feral:[angrily] I Had it up to here with that clowns,Aurora.I'll sued that hot shots for good and fight that sicko either.

Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen:[angrily] Never!!!Your lucky You won't suffer the consequences! I don't understand you! How could you do something like this? You know a lot of sheriffs are very upset? your the one threaten againest the SWAT Kats and others you were grouchy and grumpy mood ! You've embarrassed your own whole family, you've made a fool out of yourself,(grabs Ulysses Feral's Ear and walks) Ansel gonna punished you for this, And for what, find other woman who hates me she wicked dolt? a few good times? was all that worth it,Ulysses Simpson Feral! You'll never learn discipline after you destroy amos's city and max's city too till you get into headquarters of enforcer and your mother going to hear about this? think again,slick! geez!! (to Ansel "Digger" Jensen) come along,Ansel my tough goosebarry lover.

Sheriff Ansel "Digeger"Jensen:Find by me!

Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season One Episode Two:Edit

Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen: [after Felina's actions at the Megacity, Aurora drags and throws Felina into the evidence room] I just don't believe you! I have just about had enough of you,Felina Winifred Feral the Liuetenant of the Enforcer!
Lt.Felina Feral: YOU'RE the one who hates my uncle Ulysses and that wants me to...!
Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen: You drive them mad! you impeding my second husbend's paramilitary and You embarrassed your own family for good!
Lt.Felina Feral: *I* followed the rules!
Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen: You know what obstruction of justice to you,Young Lady and you have done with him!
Lt.Felina Feral: I just don't care how...
Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen: There will be fire and ice feline are enemies,that contact between feral serve enforcer and Max's Paramilitary are strictly forbiddin,strictly unfinished business and strictest rival life. if it's not set right.
Lt.Felina Feral: Just listen!
Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen: I'M EX WIFE of your uncle for good!you listen to ME,missy!
Lt.Felina Feral: OH! This is so truthful!
Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen: Ha! Truth Huh?
Lt.Felina Feral: [grabs a knife and swings it around angrily] You were never there for them!First of all you married my uncle Ulysses.and second you married to Ansel Jensen the grumpy one who hates my uncle and This whole second marriage is yours. all YOU want! you hates My uncle ulysses's discipline are too much to ask what *I* want? Never! You walk around telling me what to do, what not to do! Trying to make me be like you! Well Then, I'm not going to be like you!
Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen: Ach! You're acting like your mother and your father too!
Lt.Felina Feral: and YOU'RE a worst rival of my aunt is my uncle angelo's wife!
[points her knife at the family portrait that Aurora had been working on]
Lt.Felina Feral: That's what you are!
Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen: [gasps] Felina!
Lt.Felina Feral: [sticks the tip of her knife into family portrait] I'll never be like you for good! your not my aunt!
Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen: Felina,get away from there! Stop that!
Lt.Felina Feral: I'd rather drive them mad and furious to be like him!
[Suddenly, Felina slashes family portrait, a line between the images of Aurora and herself. Aurora gasps in shock; Felina just stares at her angrily. Furious at what Felina said and did, Aurora marches up to her]
Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen: Felina Winifred Feral, you are a enforcer all right. I Hate Feral serve the enforcer! I Hate It!
[She takes the knife from Felina and tosses it aside. She then grabs Felina's gun]
Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen: I expect you to act like one!
[She throws Felina's gun into the fire. Shocked and furious at her ex aunt,Felina turns fuming and runs out of the room in anger and Angelique arrive and gasps turn angrily]
Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen: Felina! Felina!
[immediately regrets her actions and pulls the gun out of the fire; however it's already ruined]
Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen: Oh, no! What have I done?
Angelique Kittle-Feral:What have you done? you hate it! Aruora,you a pigheadness cad (slaps to Aurora) [angrily] you and I were no longer be friends anymore and If there a last thing I ever do.I Hate you,aurora!! your mad!! (storms out)
Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen:I Can Explain about your daughter!! You'll be regret about my ex husbend's cruel actions for that.

Angelique Kittle-Feral:(offscreen) We'll see about that