The Artillery Trucks Are Enforcer owned Vehicles used for protecting Megakat City from Giant Monsters. (Like Volcanus and Zed)

Volcanus EruptsEdit

When Volcanus was heading to Megakat's Nuclear Power Plant, Feral called in every heavy artillery to protect Megakat Nuclear from Volcanus. The Trucks fired Volcanus with everything they had but no effect. And 1 Artillery Truck got destroyed by Volcanus with Firebreath                    

Artillery Trucks VS Volcanus

Unlikely AlloysEdit

The Trucks were seen in PumaDyne protecting the Megabeam satellite but Zed consumed the Megabeam. Later Zed was destroyed and his gigantic robot body collapes and destroyed 1 truck.


Artillery truck With Feral,Felina,Enforcer Commando, and The Megabeam.


Truck about to be destroyed.

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