Ansel "Digger" Jensen is a Leader of a Megalith City Sheriff Department.He is Minerva Mink's Lookalike Color Fur.He is Very Muscular and his chin look alike Commander Feral's types.he so grumpy threat aginest Ulysses Feral's Power Hungry and Authority.He Loves SWAT Kats.He doing his job about to protect to this own county and city. he appeared in Madkats and the SWAT Kats.he voiced by Ronny Cox


Hot Grumpy,Short Tempered and Authoritative (to Ulysses Feral)

Honest,Serious and Brave (to Them)




Quotes:The Return of SWAT Kats Edit

  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:I spent entire days polishing that gun to perfection, I'd recognize that sound anywhere, (Felina put out her holster and gun point at Digger) Hmm, (chuckling) And who else would've been able to draw the weapom from the holster from enforcer besides you, Felina Winifred Feral? I'm delighted to see you,Lieutenant.
  • Lt.Felina Feral:(angrily) Likewise, This way I'll be able to sued you with my own two hands?
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:Oh,you do beg my own pardon and so much hatred for good?
  • Lt.Felina Feral:(angrily) Because you extreme hate my uncle ulysses and jordan steele, he and his friends been dishonorable discharged from the army,he been work hard in enforcer in 19 years ago and the rest into headquarters, You're nothing but a beast?
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:(turn back to her in anger) Speak not of beast,your uncle is none of his business which you are ignorant,(trueful) Back in the time your uncle and I was in army base when I was known as Ansel the Tough Good, Ulysses and Jordan the Tough, He Who Protects the civilian of the city, I inspired such trust and confidence that when the drought came, for a lasted 29 years ago, I was the one to married dina the first wife of mine, with the task of bringing new place to home, of course, but also all the riches and I Won. I could descipline for that,Ansel,Gordon,Grant,Amos,Max,Ace,Melvin,Angelo and Desmond the Toughest Battalion Conquerors.
  • Lt.Felina Feral:Oh!
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:After my first wife died in drowning. and How they praised and applauded me,Gordon,Grant,Amos,Max,Ace,Melvin,Angelo and Desmond when I left, But I faced every hardship quite alone... the hostile lands, the ferocious beasts, the bloodthirsty tribes lurking in the depths of contaminated plateaus where even the felines dare not go,But I survived all that, And having accomplished my mission, I returned to army base,the colonel will proud of me and my friends.Me,Gordon,Grant,Amos,Max,Ace,Melvin,Angelo and Desmond the Heroes!Yet.It figure your uncle Ulysses and his friends are dishonorable discharged for violent power hungry & Authority and Self Defense.before Me,Gordon,Grant,Amos,Max,Ace,Angelo and Desmond will be honorable discharged from army. it was not long before I Elected for sheriff of Megalith City.I Married to Aurora after Ulysses and Aurora's happily divorce.cause I Hate your uncle Ulysses during my city began to discover the truth and contact between feral serving enforcer and paramilitary sheriffs are strictly forbidden and strictly unfinished business except Megakat Sheriff and Steele serving Enforcer in contract signed by the governor of megakat state, through the felines... fear and anger of justice, all the sheriffs hates feral serve in enforcer.after your uncle ulysses on parole he is commander of enforcer. enforcer cannot bargain to my county before i will lose my temper with your uncle ulysses,They crossed the line when I approached, and very soon, I became Ansel also known as ... Digger,
  • Lt.Felina Feral:Uh-huh, The version recorded in history books in Megalith City is slightly different, It is said that when you returned from your city, you celebrated for months on end... each day you were grumpy mood with my own uncle ulysses to get off your property into anger and foe until you began keeping city you help the swat kats. with the worst kind of feline... even poisonous ones, like a certain pretty young,,, ,,, wild?
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:Silence,Ya Dolt!
  • Lt.Felina Feral:You gave your powers to them, they gave her powers to you,
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:That's enough now,Miss Feral I tell you, I was strong,
  • Lt.Felina Feral:Ah, well, if my uncle can't control yourself, you shouldn't indulge this between Aurora and my uncle Ulysses she hates my uncle Ulysses,
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:Yes, I know, It's a truce, and it's true, he stole aurora's kiss from me... one single kiss which has ruined my entire life,
  • Lt.Felina Feral:Next time, try being a little more selective in your choice of friends,
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:Next time my friend will be the most friend of all, he whom I have watched building like a concrete, and whom I have long dream come true of claw,
  • Lt.Felina Feral:Watch yourself, Cities might have nothing to do,
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:Yes, and this power of justice from the army,navy,marine and air force and make me look like my daughter for good,
  • Lt.Felina Feral:Your the Only one who kiss to your second wife has the power of love...
  • Deputy Bruce Lin:Excuse me, sheriff?
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:Who dares disturb this place?
  • Deputy Bruce Lin:It's Deputy Bruce Lin, sir, I got a eye patch,
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:Speak up,
  • Deputy Bruce Lin:It's a trap, her uncle ulysses feral threat againest swat kats and others., sir, Ulysses Feral's the one who to abusive of authority to other sheriffs and his own twin brother,That Feral serve the Enforcer have bribery of your city, sir,

(Sheriff Jensen's growls)

  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:Well Then, Miss Feral, you work with your uncle who serve the enforcer is your own family my friend is your father hates it.after im married your ex aunt Aurora.I Forbid this town I thought you were,
  • Lt.Felina Feral:Thank you,Sheriff Jensen for being you were my stepuncle?
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:You could've saved my daughter's life,You and your own uncle Ulysses were barging into someone's place like you own it! but you chose not to,you walking pincushion! Don't count on me to spare yours,Young Lady

(Sheriff Jensen snap fingers his men and surround Felina and hold her at gunpoint to arrest her)

  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:Don't worry,Lieutenant Felina Winifred Feral of Enforcer, Your Father and his Men will bail you out right away, You'll just suffer the consequences.but first you watch the destruction of enforcer at all
  • Lt.Felina Feral:you were hate me don't you!
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:Now You're obstructing of justice all right! (to his men) Take her away!! (Ansel's Deputies arrests Felina) (chuckling) Good!
  • Lt.Felina Feral: Unhand me this moment! Now Let me go or I'll have your all badges for good!

(after Sheriff Jensen's Men lock Felina up in the Jail in a Courthouse)

  • Caitlin Jensen:You lied to my father,felina.
  • Lt.Felina Feral: My Uncle's ex Wife tell you the truth, didn't you?
  • Caitlin Jensen: Good Proper Authorities Threats againest corrupt and evil authorities for good.
  • Lt.Felina Feral: I suppose that means you're gonna sued my uncle now.
  • Caitlin Jensen: do afford to sued your own uncle, tomboy creep. my father and his men gonna take the enforcers is also known as Megakat City Police is on.
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen: If enforcer got no connection with these Feral's power hungry, just what hose enforcer doin' here?
  • Chance Furlong/T-Bone: I thought I told you someone to once knew was with the enforcer who is feral is your second wife's ex husbend anyway.
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen: And?
  • Chance Furlong/T-Bone: ever since I was little i knew was feral and you are unfinished business wasn't.
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen: And just maybe he was the corrupted commander of enforcer. Why were you and my second wife lookin' for my daughter?
  • Chance Furlong/T-Bone: Well, I found your daughter then.
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen: And how do I know that,young man?
  • Chance Furlong/T-Bone: Because I just told them.
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen: And there'll be a lot more you'll be tellin' me before this investigation's starting today.Do they wish to file charges against that enforcer lieutenant feral for trouble? Well, in Megalith City, we go strictly by the book.Then, why didn't you inform us when you came to town? Now, if you're on case in my city,Then what enforcer order by Ulysses Feral the abuse one?
  • Chance Furlong/T-Bone:I had to go to the bathroom.
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen: Oh? you were a bathroom there ? (fold arms)
  • Chance Furlong/T-Bone:cause feral hates swat kats
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen: oh I see? correction! that was it is.come with me I'll show you

Quotes: Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season 1 Episode 9 Edit

(Chance Furlong,Jake Clawson and Sheriff Jensen come to City Sheriff's Office in a Courthouse & Caitlin off the desk)

  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:[sternly] Catch you with your own boots on my desk again,Young Lady, and your stepmama's gonna be wearing rich black elegant.
  • Caitlin Jensen:[sadly] Sorry,Daddy?
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:[calmly] Good!
  • Jake Clawson/Razor:So,Sheriff.what are you going to do now!

Quotes: Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season 1 Episode 03 Edit

  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:[sternly] (Sheriff Jensen slams his fist down his desk and stand up) OH! first of all your uncle and the enforcer also known as Megakat City Police have been disrupting,disrespect and disgrace the office of the sheriffs all of it in all years long.second of all you punch amos's daughter and max's daughter too for obstruction of justice,impeding investgations,your uncle threat againest swat kats and violent of authority  and finally all the cities has carefully calibrated,drone-like beehive...that all the sheriff forcers,the state police and all the mayors are respectful and toughest is supposed to be for good. not may I be able to prove it yet...but your uncle Angelo Kittle the Sheriff of Megakat City Sheriff and your father Colonel Grant Feral of State Police is gonna kill you for obstruction of justice,impeding investgation and disrespect the proper authorities and amos,max,gordon and I'm gonna kill your uncle Ulysses Simpson Feral and his friends for one day.One day very, very soon.
  • Lt.Felina Feral:All right.Good enough.
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:[angrily] Well,Get out of my office.Then I Mean... Now,Missy!

(Sheriff Jensen and sit down and slams his two fists down his desk)

  • Lt.Felina Feral:[angrily] Great! what a grouch!!

(standing up and slams the door in anger and storms out)

  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:[turns gladly] true! that will be a day!

Quotes: Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season 1 Episode 11 Edit

(Ansel's Deputy punch Enforcer Sergeant)

  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:That's enough.
  • Enforcer Sergeant:I ain't telling you nothing.
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:Sergeant, the daughter of grant feral colonel of the state police is vital to the future of this city. She must be returned to her old home Kittyton that a promised.
  • Enforcer Sergeant:We already have a good civilian for good,Sir.
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:As for your master Commander Feral,why should I kill him? [ Chuckles ] He's not important.Now, sergeant, we all know that understanding grouchy feral doesn't matter.Not you...not Amos,No Grant the good one,Not my daughters,Not my men...(Sheriff Office's Door Opens and  Ansel's Deputies grabs Supt. Ace King) [  Ace growls ] Not even your master either.
  • Enforcer Sergeant:Boss! (Ansel's Deputies hurts Supt.King)  [ Groaning ]
  • Supt.Ace King:Don't tell that tight-grumpula anything, sergeant! (Ansel's Deputies hurts Supt.King) Aagh!
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:Where is Commander Feral?
  • Enforcer Sergeant:I don't care where he is!
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:Hmm.That's too bad.(Ansel's Deputies hurts Supt.King)
  • Enforcer Sergeant:Wait! Megatopia. Uhh! I know it sounds crazy,but that's where he'd be going.
  • Sheriff Amos Steele:Sergeant, you think this is a game? Megatopia does not exist.
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:As a matter of fact... it does.
  • Sheriff Amos Steele:Well?
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:I'll give you other chance.You're gonna bring the Grant Feral's daughter back.And as for Commander Ulysses Feral.. kill him.(Supt.King gasps)
  • Enforcer Sergeant:But you said he didn't matter.
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:It's for the good of the city.You made the right decision. (to his men) Gentlemen, now you can dangerous enforcer can be.It makes us... vulnerable.
  • Deputy Bruce Lin:Let's go,Sir back to headquarters of yours. (Ansel's Deputies escort Supt.King out of the sheriff office)
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen:Take him back to the Enforcer headquarters in Megakat City.Put APB on corrupt enforcer commando.Dismissed.

(Ansel's Deputies escort Enforcer Sergeant out of the sheriff office)

Quotes: Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season 1 Episode 12Edit

(after Supt.King left.It starts to rain. Ulysses Feral sadly takes shelter underneath a tree. He watches the building for a moment. A other feline jump paddle on Ulysses Feral's head. Ulysses Feral glances up in anger then sadly moves on. Sheriff Jensen and his second wife Aurora angrily watches him as he looks for home. He sees a house that looks promising but finds that it is occupied. Ulysses Feral turns around and leaves. A loud thunderclap frightens Ulysses Feral, and he run into Sheriff Jensen's Manor.)

  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen (angry): Hold it, Feral! Back off! Disgraceful! Wh-where do you think you're going into my property?
  • Ulysses Feral (nervous): Oh. Oh excuse me. I-I-I was just trying to. . .
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen: You barge in on my home like you own it! toots around the my city! Wakin' up those folks in the middle of the night
  • Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen: Ansie,I'll take care of this (to Ulysses Feral) You got some nerve to standing yourself like that big time! Nobody does that to them! Who do you think am I? SOME Singer? or some kinda bigway?
  • Ulysses Feral: I was in Megakat own enforcer tried to arrest that scums all of them.
  • Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen:It was authority of yours and you agree with them, so you're still you and I were Through I Still hate you for that!
  • Katherine "Katie" Feral:(to Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen) Hey You!!! Mother,you and my father are still hate each other.I'll stay with my father.he got his own.Still tell the truth.
  • Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen:All Right,Katherine you rent my mind.(to Sheriff Jensen) He him what to do.
  • Sheriff Ansel "Digger" Jensen: Truth,My Dear. (to Ulysses Feral) Well,your on your own,feral! Then don't come near in my home ! Now get out of my property! Go on! Scoot! for good! Be off with you! posthaste!! Hmph! (folds his arms)

(Ulysses Feral glare backs away)

Spouse(s) Edit

Dina Howard-Jensen (1946-1951) her death by drowned

Aurora Friedman-Feral-Jensen (1952-present)