Amos Steele-Jonathan's Good Uncle and Good Twin Brother of Jordan Steele is a Sheriff of Megaburgh City Sheriff Forcer. a former US Army Soldier.

He Very Extreme Hates Ulysses Feral's Power Hungry,Arrogant & Threat againest The SWAT Kats

He is Very Muscular and his chin look alike Commander Feral's types.

He has Bluenose's Mustache from TUGS

He Very Extreme Hates Feral serving Enforcer.

He and his friends Grant & Max likes SWAT Kats and Others except Feral serving Enforcer.

He is color fur lookalike Cool Kitty from Kidd Video

He has Texan accent like Amos Slade from The Fox and the Hound

He Voiced by Dom Deluise

Dislikes Edit

Ulysses Feral's Arrogance,Very Stubbornly and Tough Attitude

Persona Edit

Authoritative,Tough.Very Strict,Wise,Bossy,Slightly Arrogant,Caring,Stubborn,Focused,Intelligent,Fearless,Serious,Hot Tempered,Grumpy,Bad Tempered and Crabby (to Ulysses Feral)

Stubborn,Serious,Hot Tempered,Grumpy,Bad Tempered and Crabby (to Ace King during arguement and Rival Time until Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season 1 Episode 13)

Honest,Wise,Caring,Tough,Brave,Protective,Loving and Friendly (to his men and Them)


Ulysses Feral


Mother:Ida Steele

Father:Edsel Steele Sr.(Deceased)

Stepfather:US Army General Zebulon "Zeb" Clawson

Half Sibling:Sheriff Benjamin "Ben" Clawson & Miriam Clawson

Stepnephew:Jake Clawson/Razor-Ben's Son & Milo Clawson-Ben's Son

Stepniece:Jade Clawson-Ben's Daughter & Marjorie "Jackie" Clawson-Ben's Daughter

1st Wife:Sara Steele (Deceased)

2nd Wife:Jane Fletcher-Vortex

Stepsons:Kevin Vortex & Xavier Vortex

Sibling:Edsel "Eddy" Steele Jr.,Jordan Steele/Lord Emerald Cougar (Evil Twin Borther) & Yvette Steele

Sons:Thornton "Thorny" Steele & Lincoln Steele

Niece:Marlene Steele-Eddy's Daughter

Nephews:Lt.Commander Jonathan Steele-Eddy's Son,Carlton Steele-Eddy's Son and Jonathan's Twin Brother & Ambrose Steele-Eddy's Son

Daughters:Ariel Steele,Victoria "Vic" Steele (Deceased in Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season 1 Ep12 cause shooting to death),Georgina Steele & Shana Steele-Amos's Daughters

Angrily Rival until Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season 1 Episode 13 turn Friends Edit

Enforcer Supt.Ace King

Quotes from Return of SWAT Kats:Edit

  • Supt. Ace King: Amos Steele, you angry tough wicked texan wise dolt greenhorn! Give me that gun!

[he takes Sheriff Amos Steele' rifle, then shoots on the red lightbar of his squad car,smoke out]

  • Sheriff Amos Steele: My lightbar! (angrily) Why, you blasted hotheaded dictator! you'll pay for that,King!!
  • Supt. Ace King: [aims the gun at him] Hold it, right there!
  • Sheriff Amos Steele: [nervously] Watch it! That thing's loaded!

[Ace King shoots the last bullet in the air]

  • Supt. Ace King: Now it ain't loaded!

[He tosses the empty gun back to Amos Steele]

  • Sheriff Amos Steele: Dagnabbit, King! [points to Commander Feral] Your bumbling tough man' Ulysse Feral was gone mad to threat to hot pursuit of the SWAT Kats,destrution of my property & after my chickens
  • Supt. Ace King:Wicked,Disgraceful,Rubbish,Dolt,Coward,Lummox,Fool and poppycock! I don't believe it. I wouldn't hurt a thing!
  • Sheriff Amos Steele: Your men callin' my men a liar, you muddle-headed dictator?! I saw it happen!
  • Supt. Ace King: Amos Steele, that temper of yours is going to get them into a lot of trouble someday!
  • Sheriff Amos Steele: [turns red in the face] Temper?! Temper?! King, you ain't seen my temper! [throws his  Pershing Hat Uniform to the ground and stomps on it] If I ever catch that corrupt power hungry Ulysses Feral to threat againest that SWAT Kats,my deputies,my Town,my family,my city & my property again, I'll kill him! And next time I won't miss!

Quotes from Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season 1 Episode 3Edit

  • Deputy Rolf Daniels:(frantically) I tried to stop her,sir! She wouldn't listen! I told your daughter to stay away from feral who work the enforcer! They are bad, they are trouble, they are--
  • Sheriff Amos Steele: (shocked) Feral? [slams with fist in desk in anger] (furious) WHAT ABOUT FERAL SERVING ENFORCER?!?!?!
  • Deputy Rolf Daniels: Feral's Enforcers? (chuckles nervously) Who said anything about feral's enforcers?

(Sheriff Amos Steele grabs Rolf's Ear.)

Quotes from Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season 1 Episode 12Edit

(Suddenly, Commander Feral listens and then grows frightened and hides in Desk)

  • Supt. Ace King:Feral!! What is it with you!

(Sheriff Steele knocking loud harder the door in anger)

  • Supt. Ace King:[angrily] (slams with fist in desk and get up) What's Going On!!!
  • Sheriff Amos Steele:(angrily yells) ACE!!! Open this door this instead!!!

(Supt.King open the door)

  • Supt. Ace King:[angrily] Why, Amos! What Keeping you!
  • Sheriff Amos Steele:[furious] Where Ulysses Feral!! (yells) WHERE IS HE!!! I know he's in there who murder my daughter and his own brother's son too!
  • Supt. Ace King:[angrily] Now just a minute,Sheriff! You can't come onto my private property,before I will sued you to fight for good!  Amos Steele you veteran greenhorn! (slams the door) If you come near them or I will.Now go back to your office in the courthouse at Megaburgh City or else..
  • Sheriff Amos Steele:[furious] (furious yells) I WILL NOT BE IGNORED!!! [angrily shouts] that corrupted and abusive commander feral murder my daughter Vic and his own twin brother's son Coy either! and Im going to nailed him for false arrest,corrupted charges,excessive force,obstruction of justice,attempted murder of the SWAT Kats & former criminal scums and murder!!

(Supt. King locks the door)

  • Sheriff Amos Steele:[furious] he cannot save and protect megakat city forever.I'll see you at dawn!! (stoms out
  • Supt. Ace King:[angrily] good!! (to Commander Feral) [angrily] ulysses simpson got explain to do.the enforcer board will begin tomorrow morning I'll replace you & take you to mgealith city and you'll never work this city won't be safe pack your stuff and your stuff in your apartment and Im gonna miss you (start crying)

Quotes from Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season 1 Episode 12Edit

(after Supt.King drops Ulysses Feral off to Megalith City. Sheriff Steele watches Supt. King drives back to Enforcer's headquarter)

  • Sheriff Amos Steele: That Hot Tempered Dictator dropped that your twin brother off off at Megalith City.We'll get him. We'll get him!

(Sheriff Steele and State Police Colonel Feral heads back to courthouse in Kittyton City)