Ace King is a Superintendent of Enforcer a Real Leader of Enforcer.a former US Army Soldier.he was very strict,angry stubornly,hot tempered,tough and very serious to Ulysses Feral and Honest,Brave,Tough and well meaning to Enforcers.he was been Self-Discipline and being understood.he angry at his rival Megaburgh Sheriff Amos Steel a Crabby, grumpy,honest,brave,tough and aggressive is Ulysses Feral's Nemesis for very long time ago.he is very angry and call Ulysses Feral a Idiot,Dolt,Imbicile,Lummox,Dipstick and Snitch.In Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season 1 Episode 12:Sheriff Amos Steel blame King for Ulysses Feral murders his own Nephew Coy Feral and Sheriff Amos Steel's Daughter after Sheriff Steele left.King Punished Feral and Tomorrow King Fired Feral from Enforcer.At The Enforcer Board King choose Rex Shard to Replace Ulysses Feral.After that.King take Ulysses Feral to Megalith City where Feral's Ex Wife's Live and he crying to Ulysses Feral he gonna to say goodbye enforcer.He loves SWAT Kats and Madkats.

He is color fur lookalike Julie Bruin from Tiny Toons Adventures.

He drive a Baby Blue Enforcer Sedan

He has Army English accent like Bluenose from TUGS

He Voiced by Adam West from Batman in the original English verison

Dislikes Edit

Ulysses Feral's Arrogance,Very Stubbornly and Tough Attitude

Persona Edit

Authoritative,Tough.Very Strict,Wise,Bossy,Slightly Arrogant,Caring,Stubborn,Focused,Intelligent,Fearless,Serious,Hot Tempered and Crabby (to Ulysses Feral)

Honest,Wise,Caring,Tough,Brave,Protective,Loving and Friendly (to Enforcers and Them)

Stubborn,Hot Tempered,Grumpy,Tough and Fearless (to Sheriff Amos Steel during arguement about Sheriff Steel threaten Ulysses Feral's Power Hungry and Corrupt to agianest SWAT Kats)

Family in Madkats and the SWAT Kats:Season 1-2 Edit

Nigel King (father)

Mrs. Felicity Ringtail (stepmother)

Lenny Ringtail/Madkat (fraternal half brother)

Scott King (Son)

Sadie King (Daughter)

Murray Queens and Burke Queens (Stepson)

Natasha Queens (Second Wife)

Angrily Rival until Madkats and the SWAT Kats Season 1 Episode 13 turn Friends Edit

Sheriff Amos Steel is Uncle of Jonathan Steel